Location Of Herb Garden

In general, the most favorable exposure for an herb garden is toward the

south, but lacking such an exposure should not deter one from planting

herbs on a northern slope if this be the only site available. Indeed,

such sites often prove remarkably good if other conditions are

propitious and proper attention is given the plants. Similarly, a

smooth, gently sloping surface is especially desirable, but even in

gardens in
hich the ground is almost billowy the gardener may often

take advantage of the irregularities by planting the moisture-loving

plants in the hollows and those that like dry situations upon the

ridges. Nothing like turning disadvantages to account!

No matter what the nature of the surface and the exposure, it is always

advisable to give the herbs the most sunny spots in the garden, places

where shade from trees, barns, other buildings and from fences cannot

reach them. This is suggested because the development of the oils, upon

which the flavoring of most of the herbs mainly depends, is best in full

sunshine and the plants have more substance than when grown in the