Wart-wort Or Wart-weed

This name has been commonly applied to the Petty Spurge, or to the

Sun Spurge, a familiar little weed growing abundantly in English

gardens, with umbels of a golden green colour which turn towards

the sun. Its stem and leaves yield, when wounded, an acrid milky

juice which is popularly applied for destroying warts, and corns. But

our Greater Celandine (see page 92) or Swallow-wort is better

known abroad as the Wart-wor
: and its sap is widely given in

Russia for the cure, not only of [603] warts, but likewise of

cancerous outgrowths, whether occurring on the skin surface, or

assailing membranes inside the body. Conclusive evidence has been

adduced of cancerous disease within the gullet and the stomach--as

well as on the external skin--being healed by this herb. Its sap, or

juice, contains chemically, chelidonine, and sanguinarine, which

latter principle (obtained heretofore from the Canadian blood

root), is of long established repute for repressing fungoid

granulations of indolent ulcers, when powdered over them, and of

quickly advancing their cure. Each principle exercises a narcotic

influence on the nervous system, and will, thereby, relieve

spasmodic coughs. Healthy provers have taken the fresh juice of the

Greater Celandine in doses of from twenty to two hundred drops, at

repeated intervals; the results of the larger portions being drastic

purgation, with persistent nervous torpor, and with an outbreak on

the skin of irritating, sore, itching eruptions. In some of the provers

active inflammatory congestion of the right lung ensued, with

turgidity of the liver. The root beaten into a conserve with sugar will

operate by stool, and by urine. For cancerous excrescences from five

to ten drops of the fresh juice, or of the mother tincture (H.) should

be given steadily three times a day, this quantity being reduced if it

should move the bowels too freely. Some of the sap, or tincture,

should be also used outwardly as a lotion, either by itself, or diluted

with an equal quantity of cold water.